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What if you could catch and fix claim billing errors BEFORE the claim goes to the switch provider and payer?

Script-IQ is a solution custom designed for long-term care pharmacies to transform the claim quality checking process. Integrating Script-IQ directly with your dispensing software enables claim evaluation to occur before the transaction hits the switching system and payer processor. Script-IQ’s focused set of LTC specific rules and exclusive pricing verification is built to your desired configuration to help deliver improved reimbursements, payment timeliness and efficiency.

Net-Rx Script-IQ

Benefits & Features:

  • Script-IQ deploys sophisticated logic, built to your desired configuration, to help improve cash-flow by optimizing reimbursements and reducing payment disruption and avoiding unnecessary transaction fees and the likelihood of payer reviews.
  • Script-IQ is cloud-based, so there’s no software to install or upkeep. It’s easy to set-up with a seamless integration, enhancing workflow.
  • Script-IQ works fast, giving your team time to focus on other priorities.
  • Script-IQ provides robust reporting to track rejected prescriptions and prescriptions filled outside normal payer parameters, helping to ensure accuracy and highlighting opportunities for operational efficiency, payment optimization and risk mitigation.

Plus, Script-IQ can work alone or with other Net-Rx™ solutions for optimal revenue management, providing insight into the claim both before and after processing.

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