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Understanding the nuances of 835 fees and adjustments is crucial for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other healthcare professionals involved in the pharmacy billing and reimbursement process.

The use of EFT by third-party payors for the payment of pharmacy claims greatly benefits a pharmacy’s daily operational demands. The seamless transactions improve cash flow which allows for managed control of the financial aspects of the business.

Understanding the drug recall process, developing procedures, and leveraging pharmacy analytics are key for compliance and reducing disruption for pharmacies. Learn more about best practices to consider for your pharmacy’s recall procedures.

The prescription claims process significantly contributes to unnecessary, and avoidable, costs. It is critical for every LTC pharmacy business owner to have a system in place to catch and correct errors in claims before they are submitted, enabling the prevention of payer rejections and under-reimbursements while achieving workflow improvements and protecting revenue.

Are you changing central pay providers and want to know if there is an interruption in your pharmacy cashflow? Are you thinking about changing your pharmacy’s dispensing system and are worried how you will identify missing payments during the transition? No need to worry, by choosing to work with a vendor neutral reconciliation provider you will be able to identify missing payments, freeing up your time to concentrate on other operational issues during these types of transitions.

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