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Why A Pharmacy Should Choose A Vendor Neutral Reconciliation Provider

Are you changing central pay providers and want to know if there is an interruption in your pharmacy cashflow? Are you thinking about changing your pharmacy’s dispensing system and are worried how you will identify missing payments during the transition? No need to worry, by choosing to work with a vendor neutral reconciliation provider you will be able to identify missing payments, freeing up your time to concentrate on other operational issues during these types of transitions.

5 Benefits of Reconciliation

With a broad portfolio of relationships with multiple dispensing software providers, central pay companies and insurance providers, there is generally little to no interruption in reconciling claims and ensuring payments are still received.

By not having multiple service providers collecting and storing information, access to historical claims and payment data is easy. Keeping all your information in one place and within reach whenever you need it allows you the freedom to make business changes without losing your history.

Retain and monitor incoming payments from third party payers as you always have, with no interruptions to your workflow.

In the event of an audit during, or after, your transition to a new dispensing system you will have the ability to quickly see which claims are being audited regardless of which dispensing software the claim was billed through or central pay you were with at that time.

Net-Rx has a dedicated team of experienced analysts to support you, answer questions, and help with a smooth transition.

Learn more about understanding Remittance Advices and how to identify missing payments.

Net-Rx provides non-biased solutions to our members. We offer software that interfaces with over fifty dispensing systems and has the ability to support concurrent systems, various classes of trade, and multiple locations with the ease of a single web portal for all your reconciliation needs. 

Net-Rx takes great pride in ensuring that our customers are happy, confident, and secure in their choice of reconciliation provider. For more information on how Net-Rx can help your pharmacy’s reconciliation needs, contact us today or call 1-866-336-3879.

Authors:  Stefanie Austin, Accounts Receivable Analyst and Danielle Villafranca, Senior Account Analyst

Stefanie Austin 650x644
Stefanie Austin LinkedIn icon
Accounts Receivable Analyst
Joined Net-Rx in June 2017
 Stefanie, a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician for over 16 years, came to Net-Rx with a vast knowledge of pharmacy operations and accounting practices. These skills made her an excellent fit for the Accounts Receivable role within Net-Rx/MHA finance departments. She works with Net-Rx customers to ensure they are receiving accurate monthly billings and prides herself in providing top notch customer service. She is a positive team player that has played a key role in making Net-Rx a great place to work. Stefanie lives in Woodland, WA with her family and dog, Gunner. When time allows, she loves to craft, decorate, and spend quality time enjoying the beach.
Danielle Villafranca 650x645Danielle Villafranca
Senior Account Analyst
Joined Net-Rx in September 2016
 Danielle Villafranca is a Senior Account Analyst. She started as a Reconciliation Analyst for the Net-Rx team in September 2016, moving into an Account Analyst role and recently promoted to Senior Account Analyst. She has over 11 years customer service experience, is devoted to developing close relationships with customers, and actively serves as an internal resource for her team. Danielle is intimately involved in ensuring organizational changes within the company are smoothly and effectively enacted, and passionate in providing clear and thorough communication both internally and externally. She lives in Vancouver, WA with her family and enjoys photography, playing softball and traveling.