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Price-It Rx

Are you able to price non-insured prescriptions at a fair and consistent price every day?

Price-It Rx delivers consistent real-time cash pricing and can be utilized to help manage private pay contracts. Price-It Rx creates uniform, competitive pricing to support consumer confidence and help increase operational efficiencies. Prices are determined through a personalized process, using a pharmacy pricing consultant to help you understand your core business drivers. 

How Price-It Rx Helps To Maximize Your Profits

Benefits & Features:  

  • Consistent pricing for multi-store operations
  • Real-time processing ensures latest price on 100 percent of your drugs
  • Customized revenue-enhancing program
  • Extended Customer Support hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm Eastern Standard Time via phone, e-mail, and live chat

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“I could not imagine coming up with pricing schedules that would make sense and accomplish what the Price-It Rx service does for us automatically.” Read more…

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