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Reimbursement Suite

Are You Driving Operational Efficiency For Your Pharmacy? 

Net-Rx’s Reimbursement Suite is an integrated service offering that helps protect revenue and maximize profitability by detecting billing and database errors, identifying underpayment of claims and nonpayment of claims, and providing an actionable view of data-driven insights. In addition, a dedicated Reimbursement Analyst will provide guidance to correct errors and recover otherwise lost revenue. Net-Rx Reimbursement Suite of Solutions enables your pharmacy to identify revenue opportunities and operate efficiently. When you add Script-IQ® to the Reimbursement Suite, you may achieve improved revenue management by adding insight into the claim before processing.

Benefits & Features:

Maximized reimbursement on every claim.

  • Real-time reporting
  • Exclusive rate verification of MHA Network contracts
  • Dedicated Reimbursement Analyst

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